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dedicatedtofitness1 said: i love your blog SO MUCH! keep it up!

Thank you VERY much! I’m aspiring to make my posts more visually appealing. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog, and there are plenty more to come :-)
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The Doctor Who Workout

Doctor Who is a wildly popular (and extremely long running) show on the BBC. Based on the Doctor who is a time traveling humanoid, you will be jumping back and forth through space and time in this workout. TARDIS not included.

Ok Doctors, try to keep up, this may get a little confusing.

In this workout there will be 11 moves, start off by doing the reps on move #1, then continue to #2. After #2, go back and repeat #1. Now skip ahead and do #3, then #2, then #1. Back up to #4, then 3, then 2, then 1. Get it? 

Keep doing this odd pattern until you reach #11. Who knew traveling through time could work up such a sweat?

5 minute warmup, cardio of your choice. Remember to stretch after.

#1- One minute plank

#2- Two squat shoulder presses. With dumbbells up by your shoulders, squat down, and when you come up lift the dumbbells into the air.

#3- Three pushups

#4- Four tricep dips. On a chair or bench, keep feet straight out in front of you, feet on the ground. with you hands gripping onto the chair close to your sides, slide your butt off the chair and dip down about an inch or two off the floor.

#5- Five reverse crunches. Laying on the floor, hands 6 inches away from your sides for stability, lift your straight legs up into the air until your butt is off the ground, slowly bring them down.

#6- Six lunges, three for each leg.

#7- Seven crunches.

#8- Eight up/down planks. Starting in plank position, drop your right elbow all the way down so you’re now planking on your forearm, do the same for your left arm, then back up.

#9- Squat jumps.

#10- Side lunges, 5 for each leg.

#11- 11 jumping jacks.

By the end of this workout you will have done move #1 eleven times, move #2 ten times, move #3 nine times and so on. You are insane!

After that workout, you deserve to be the 12th Doctor!

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heynothanks said: Could you make a Doctor Who themed workout??
Nnnnghhhh that would be so cool.

nnnnnggghhhhh YOU GOT IT


The Harry Potter Quidditch Workout

In the novel and film franchise Harry Potter, the wizards enjoy watching the fictional sport Quidditch. 

The team has four positions:

Chasers- they pass around a large ball called a Quaffle, aiming to score in a small goal.

Beaters- they carry small bats, knocking balls called Bludgers off course, and away from harming members of their team.

Keeper- they protect their teams goals, much like a soccer goalie would.

Seeker- their main focus is to find the small winged ball, the Golden Snitch.

Requires a Medicine Ball

Quidditch takes strength, agility and a lean body. Follow this workout and you could be headed to the Quidditch World Cup in no time.

There will be two circuits, each will be repeated twice.

Each move will last ONE MINUTE, do as many reps as possible.

Warm up for 5 minutes, stretching after to prevent injuries.

Chaser Circuit

Quaffle Pass- standing with your legs shoulder width apart, lift medicine ball high above your head with both arms, swing it down through your legs into a squat position, then bring it back up in a swift movement.

Levitating Pushups- In pushup position, balance one hand on your medicine ball, do a pushup, then roll the medicine ball to your other hand and repeat.

Victory Raises- Hold your medicine ball behind your head, elbows to the sky. Lift up so your arms straighten, then slowly bring it back down and repeat.


Beater Circuit

Duck and Dodge- Standing straight, drop your hands to your feet then quickly jump your feet back, landing you in a plank position. Hop your feet back near your hands and jump up to standing position.

Rough Flight- Drop to a lunge, not letting your knee pass over your ankle. Explode into a jump, and switch feet mid air, softly landing into a lunge on the opposite leg you started on.

Rogue Bludger- In sit up position, hold a medicine ball to your chest and crunch up, twisting your torso to the right, go back down and repeat on your left.


Cardio for 10 minutes, choose to jog, jumprope, speed walk, run, elliptical, etc. 

Perhaps you didn’t get as airborne as the Quidditch players in Harry Potter, but you’re closer to having a lean body like a Quidditch World Cup Champion. 10 points for your house!

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Welcome to Gymspirational!

Working out is boring. 

This blog was created in hopes that you could find the inspiration to be fit by requesting a custom workout made by me based on something that interests you.

Obviously these workouts are going to be a little cheesy, and painfully desperate to find a link between fitness and your current obsession, but the point isn’t that there will be groundbreaking workouts here, the point is to keep you motivated, interested, and humored so that you can start or stick to a more active lifestyle.

All workouts should be done at your own pace, and you should always feel the burn without it becoming third degree.

So, what are you obsessing over right now? A movie, book, TV show, celebrity? Send me a request and don’t forget to stretch!